Family Fun

Your Tauranga Motel Accommodation at Harbour City Motor Inn is within walking distance, a short drive or an extended excursion from a choice of fun family adventures in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and the wider Bay of Plenty.

BayPark Speedway: Time for some action, lots of fun... Next season keep an eye on this or, visit and get organised, from stock car, to demolition Derby, super saloon champs... you choose....

Marshalls Animal Park 
Adjacent to McLaren Falls
Phone – (07) 543 1099  / 543 3734

Get away from the hustle and bustle of life. This unique attraction is 35 acres of friendly animals and fun. Well-planned walkways guide you to a close-up and personal encounter with domestic and exotic animals. Children are able to feed and play with a host of farmyard animals and see the unusual character-filled emus, giant African ostriches, Texas longhorns, several breeds of sheep, deer, goats, birds, pigs and horses from Clydesdales to cute miniatures.

The park is set up with picnic spots complete with tables allowing you to take in the attractions at your leisure. A great observation spot at the top of the hill offers a panoramic view for miles. People with mobility problems and older folk can drive or be driven.

For fun, there are flying foxes, a playground and at times bottle-fed lambs, kids and piglets. Horse riding possible on bookings only.

A well stocked shop with essentials, tea, coffee, pies, ice creams, EFTPOS and, if desired, animal feed.

A great DAY OUT for all the family.

Blokart Recreation Park
176 Parton Rd, Papamoa
Phone –0800 4 blokart  - (07) 572 4256 

Blokart : It’s fast... it’s clean... it’s perfect for those who love speed, sailing – and being on land!

So, what makes blokart landsailing so appealing? Designed for both recreation and competition, the blokart landsailer is ideal for everyone. From kids to grandparents, adrenalin junkies to the disabled, everyone can enjoy blokarting.
Blokarting opens up a whole new style of land based racing. Because of its small size and extreme manoeuvrability the blokart is able to be sailed quite safely on any firm surface, from hard sand and short grass to asphalt and concrete.
Experience the thrill of a lifetime! Blokart International at Papamoa supplies all of your equipment and a great track. Whether experienced or wanting to learn, everyone is catered for.

DriftKart: you no longer rely on the wind.. The drift karts are a three wheeled kart powered by an electric front wheel with unique drifting rear wheels. Great fun for even the biggest of kids!!!!

Petanque and volleyball: free for your enjoyment or while the "other kids" wind blow or drift....

SH2, Te Puke
Phone - (07) 573 6340

At Kiwi360, we celebrate the incredible New Zealand Kiwifruit and the rich culture surrounding it. We live in the Kiwifruit Capital of the world!

Climb aboard a KiwiKart and tour through our lush orchards; relax and rejuvenate in the Kiwi360 Cafe or shop to your heart’s content in our Kiwi360 Shop . And don’t forget to bring your camera, for a photo in our famous giant Kiwifruit!

Moturiki Island Picnic
Located just off Mt Maunganui's stunning surf beach, Moturiki Island was once the site of an aquarium. The former Leisure Island has now reverted back to its wild state, with a little help from the community, Environment BOP and the Tauranga District Council.

The tiny island, joined to the shore by a manmade walkway, offers a good track for those whose fitness levels are not that high. At its summit your effort is rewarded by supurb views over the Pacific Ocean and offshore islands.

You can fish from the rocks above Shark Alley (not known for sharks, but good for other fish!) and it is a good vantage point for those wishing to watch some of the many ocean-going events held off the coast each summer, from the ocean jetboat racing to action from the surf life saving championships.

The island has been redesigned as a natural and environmentally friendly picnic place, with plenty of areas to explore. If you sit by the rocks on the northern facing slopes long enough, you may be lucky enough to see giant black crabs tending their business between tidal changes.

Paradise Valley Springs
476 Paradise Valley Road, Ngongotaha Valley
Phone - (07) 348 9667

At Paradise Valley Springs, visitors can interact with a variety of wildlife that is found wild around New Zealand. Animals such as Deer, Pigs, Thar and Wallabies may be hand fed.

See Rainbow and Brown Trout in our crystal-clear pools and wild in the Ngongotaha Stream that winds through our park.

Get up close to friendly farm animals in the lively streamside farmwalk, Alpacas, Goats and Sheep to name a few.

View native New Zealand birds, waterfowl on our wetlands and
walk-through with our native alpine parrots the Kea.

Taste pure spring water straight from our natural spring, or purchase some of our own bottled 'Paradise Pure' to take away with you.

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